I picked up a Z1 Rider-2 handheld 3 axis gimbal, when I saw it on sale for $99 awhile back. I got it for two reasons, one for it's intended use and because it just uses a gopro mount it can be mounted in a multitude of places like the side of my canoe, bike etc. This mounting method also makes it a perfect fit for my plane, and my plane is big enough I can easily accomodate the hand held controller somewhere. I've been wanting to put a gimbal on my plane for awhile, and been trying to figure out how to fit one, and this works great.

The thing is, it doesn't work properly upside down, which would make things a bit easier. Also, it has pan (yaw) and tilt follow modes, I'd like to replace the tilt follow with roll follow, which it doesn't have. When I do a long banking shot I'd like the camera to do the same, but still make up for sudden corrections. The tilt or pitch follow I don't need, since I want to keep that level to avoid the gopro curved horizon.

Is what I want to do doable?

Here is a couple of pics of it mounted.