I've had my ups and downs with my feelings towards the Powercube.. but recently I became a massive believer, and just wanted to give a bit of a thumbs up here.

I have a ZMR250 that is built around a TBS Powercube. It was my 3rd build, and I decided to go with the cube for tidyness as well as COG.

I took off the other day after forgetting to swap my VTX antenna from one of my other quads to my ZMR (I plan to pick up some SMA Triumphs here in the near future, but am short on antennae currently) and dropped video signal after getting about 50' up. I had an ever ever so slight static-y image of what was happening, and got my quad as low as I safely could and out from over the pavement parking lot we were standing in, and disarmed.

I ended up finding her in about a 2-3" deep mud puddle. Muddy water completely submerged all 4 motors, and the cube was halfway under.

I got home, replaced all 4 motors (they were getting pretty beat anyways, and getting completely filled with caked in mud and dirt was the final straw that broke the motors' backs) and giving it a very careful fresh water cleaning, and it runs like a champ again.

I ordered another cube for my 220 almost immediately, and just wanted to give a big thanks.