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Thread: Vortex startup issues cheat sheet

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    Vortex startup issues cheat sheet

    Uncommon Startup Issues

    Occasionally after ripping balls with your vortex, It can develop anxiety issues and become a little rebellious. These teenage like outbusts manifest themselves in the following ways:
    Fault Resolve
    Black screen on startup Camera damaged in crash or camera cable broken
    Snow on startup Tx channel or band changed, sometimes accidentally using LED switch
    or... Tx module bounced out of it's socket
    or... Tx module defective
    No OSD overlay OSD removed when in USB mode
    OSD overlay 'streaking' Enter 2nd page of OSD menu, change Black level
    Drift in any axis Check center points, MUST be 1500
    Yaw drift in punchouts Check motor alignment, follow procedure in IRC blog
    Cannot enter OSD menu Check endpoints, MUST be 1000-2000
    Cannot read using IRC Tools Close cleanflight configurator
    LEDs all off Trace fractured on LED PCB, repair or replace
    LEDs on, button cycles colors Trace fractured on LED PCB, repair or replace
    CF losing configuration Ensure sequence: 1) IRC tools, set Rx type, 2) Run wizard, 3) Tweak CF values
    Camera image washed out If a 700TVL camera, try removing jumper (early 700TVL's only)
    One or more ESCs beeping Check signal cable (2 pin white connector), can come loose in a crash
    Quad unstable in flight Switch to acro mode! (performance in other modes not guaranteed)
    EzUHF Range Poor Convert 'Sander Style' whip into a dipole, use SRH771 on the Tx
    Boobs in video point away from girlfriend :-)
    If the above table does not resolve your issue it may be worth asking in the ImmersionRC Vortex Owners group on facebook before contacting your reseller.

    Occasionally your Vortex may communicate with you using primitive sounds rather than its more common and hypnotic propeller whirring.
    Beep Explanation
    SOS tone Lost model alarm, active when throttle idle
    Mario tune Tx wizard completed successfully
    Crazy Rock tune ESC overvoltage (happens after getting them wet)
    1 long continuous tone
    1 beep 1 pause repeated ESCs beeping but no power to them, PDB/LED board fault or cable loose

    Click image for larger version. 

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    LED Red Explanation
    Video Camera not detected
    Gyro Gyrometer Issue, recalibrate via CF
    Acc Accelerometer Issue, recalibrate via CF
    Baro Barometer Issue (note, stock CF 1.9.0 fails this)
    API API Issue (check for compatible CF version)
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