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Thread: QAV-RXL So Far

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    QAV-RXL So Far

    Got it together enough last night to program the flight controller and take it out for a nighttime test flight.

    QAV-RXL 6"
    Emax 2205-2300 motors
    Lumenier 20A escs
    Lumenier 4Power board
    Spedix CC3D
    Spektrum Satellite receiver

    Still gotta add the FPV stuff and move receiver out of the way of the camera. I ran into some interference from the PDB with the USB access to the FC, and rotated it 90 to fix that. so I ended up with a side battery cable instead of running up the back, through the grommet. That might get changed later.


    Took it out for a flight at about 11:30 last night just to make sure it worked adequately to fly it. It's very spunky but I couldn't do much with it because my well-lit area was too limited (area wise).

    Edit to add: Well so much for the traditional way of linking an image. You can still select it and open in up in a windown.
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