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Thread: Another Day, Another Problem (Vortex Power)

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    Another Day, Another Problem (Vortex Power)

    My Vortex is back and with another problem.

    I had a crash where the vortex's motor-arm assembly came off about 5 feet off the ground (while flying LOS), and the quad spiraled to the ground. Since I am running FrSky's X4R and a Taranis I immediately got a "Telemetry Lost" notification and I assumed the battery must have come unplugged and the receiver was no longer powered. The battery was still connected though.

    I fixed the motor and plugged in the battery again to put it back up but no lights turns on. No beeps, no telemetry, nothing. No video, no control. I try it with another 4S battery and the same thing happens. So, I removed the top plate. I then took 5v from my ESC's BEC and plugged that into my receiver. I have done this before when the quad was fully functional.

    5v--> Receiver --> PDB-to-reciever wire ---> PDB, Electronics

    ...and sure enough, everything worked just fine. LED board lit up, Flight Controller flashed normally, receiver powered (as expected), and nothing odd or unusual whatsoever. Okay, good, I didn't fry the electronics in the quad...so what did I do?

    I replaced the ENTIRE XT60 connector and soldered it in. No power. Different battery? No power.
    I took the same XT60 connector (the one I just soldered in) and soldered it onto an old Vortex PDB that I had leftover from repairs. Worked just fine, powered my receiver. I was able to power the quad using the old PDB by having 5v come out of the receiver-PDB wire on the old PDB to go into the receiver to go into the reciever-pdb wire on the current PDB on the quad to power the rest of the electronics to same way I did above.

    I would swap my electronics over to the old PDB if it didn't have ESC connectors missing. The current PDB on the quad was installed by ImmersionRC US Repairs about 3 weeks ago, the only thing I have done to it is replace the ESCs from the 12A's to the upgraded 20A's for the Vortex 250 Pro.

    Right now my guess is a broken current sensor, any ideas?

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    I would contact repairs@immersionrc.com again.

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