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Thread: TBS 69 FPV Camera Case?

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    TBS 69 FPV Camera Case?

    Hey, I wanted to purchase another TBS 69 camera for my QAV 500 also because I absolutely love this camera, I was curious as to how I can mount it on any other quad frame that's not a Discovery?. Do I have to print something?, or does something already exists that I van use for multiple uses on quads?, I would appreciate any suggestions that you may have cause I want this to look very clean and orderly to hang on my quad. Thanks again guys.......

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    You might be able to get away with a case that has been made for a different camera but featuring similiar dimensions so looking under a different camera name might get you results.
    Or well... Yes. 3D Printing one will obviously get you a custom fit case =)

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    yeah, I figured that, thanks........

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