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Thread: Nano Skyhunter

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    I had an aileron rip when doing a full-throttle pass on a 4S and a 5x4x3 prop.

    It could just be bad luck, so I have built up another one that I'll be trying out with a 4S again.

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    Not to be a square, but I dont think a very powerful setup is a good idea on this plane.

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    It's probably not the best idea, but those are batteries I have from my racing quads. One of the coolest things about the plane is that I can use quad parts I already have laying around (camera, vTX, motor, prop, battery, etc).

    I just need to be a little less aggressive with the power. It really is a nice flying plane.

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    Would the Nano be able to handle a GoPro Session and the small all-in-one flight Cam? If so mounting suggestions

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