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Thread: Help - Vortex Pro 250 Setting / Hardware problem on Throttle

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    Help - Vortex Pro 250 Setting / Hardware problem on Throttle

    My Vortex Pro got problems on my 2nd flight today , after upgraded firmware from stock version to Vortex 250 Firmware, with Betaflight 2.5.3 ..... the quad was flying without crash during the first flight. So I may consider it's setting issue , am I correct? Any fix or advice ?

    Problems : The left front motor seems lost power when I hover the quad , and push throttle from bottom (zero) to up.... then it flip to left and drop...
    Problem video (1) - Same problem

    Problem video (2) - Same problem

    Problem video (2) - Same problem

    I'm so appericate if anyone can help.

    Reset and reconfig most of the things , but same problem occurred :
    * Run TX wizard and reset Raiod stick , workfine on propellers direction
    * Reset and Motor direction work fine
    * Motor Diagnostic work fine
    * Cleanflight : Yaw 90 degree according to instruction, hover is working
    * Cleanflight motor test work fine


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    Hey :O)

    it looks like a bad motor. ;O)

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    It's a bad motor or esc. Could you remove the props and see what happens if you power it up and run the motors in the cleanflight motors tab?

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