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Thread: Help with my Eagle eyes antenna tracker

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    should test later on this week and will give the final answer.. i dont think its clear in the manual that you have to do the calibration for each plane but hey...

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    Nope not clear in manual.

    KG5BBF AMA#954079

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnET View Post

    In reference to your statement;

    "Connected it to my PC with the Vector and Eagle eye both plugged into it with USB cables."

    Why do you have the Eagle Eyes connected to the computer? You only connect the Eagle Eyes via USB to update the firmware or to use Live Mode. You must have your wireless video system and Vector all setup and powered on just as if you would be flying. The Eagle Eyes must be receiving the video signal and the telemetry led flashing rapidly. Then go through the calibration process either in the stick menu or in the software (if you have the Vector connected via USB).

    If you see sporadic movement of your pan and tilt, be sure that it isn't binding and that it is balanced and not straining your servos to the point that the Eagle Eyes onboard regulator is overheating and shutting down.

    If you still have issues after replacing your servo, please open a support ticket on our website.

    Regards, John
    I'm currently thinking about using an EagleEyes station for antenna tracking, but I'm curious - isn't it possible to use Live Mode and Antenna Tracking at once?

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