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Thread: World record attempt at "Highest Paper Airplane launch"

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    World record attempt at "Highest Paper Airplane launch"

    Here is a recap video of our project.

    here is a link to the project web-page. I review several components. We put the Vector OSD, Dragonlink, RMRC Video Tx, IBcrazy's antennas, and our tracking systems to the ultimate test with great feedback and data.


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    This is extremely cool. My wife and I watched the whole thing and she said "This is the kind of stuff kids are missing in school!" So, I would give you a "Congrats" but I guess my wife's comment kind of takes the cake. I'm sure you will be missed. Btw, "teahers" at the end of the video. I had to point it out as a friendly correction since I've been corrected SO many times, LOLOL. Best of luck.

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    Hey thank you!

    And yes this is exactly the type of stuff kids should be doing in school. I have many issues with the way were currently teach school. Here in the united states, teachers are shackled with having to spend all of their time teaching kids to pass test after test.

    Thank you for the kind response.

    If I were king for a couple of days ..... ..... I could go on for hours with the problems associate with education here in the U.S. They have pretty much handcuffed our teachers.

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