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Thread: Dragonlink to 113,411ft

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    Dragonlink to 113,411ft

    The Dragonlink Tx and Receiver were used in a project on May 23, 2016. We tried to break the worlds record for "highest Paper Airplane Launch". We needed to beat 114,970ft, we came up a little shy and only made 113,411ft.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is a complete review of the DL Tx and Rx used in the project

    Dragonlink Tx and Dragonlink Receiver
    This is the repeater station.
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    The kids use the Spectrum transmitter in the classroom, the transmitter sends it signal to the lemon receiver at the repeater box located outside on the school roof. The lemon receiver then sends the ppm stream to the Dragonlink Tx. The Dragonlink Tx then send its signal to the Dragonlink receiver in the paper airplane.
    The reason for the repeater box is so the kids can use the remote control in the classroom with out having to be outside with the transmitter.

    Worked perfectly as always. Thank you Mike for your continued development of the dragonlink products. We used the stock dragon link antennas and the DL tx was set to "High" for the whole flight. DL Tx was power by a 12v 2650mAh battery, the battery was fully charged before flight. 12.5volts or so. After 5 hours of operation the DL battery was still at 11.8 volts, plenty of power was left.
    Maximum ground track distance from the school 14.4 miles
    At 14.4 miles away we were at 79,000ft (15 miles above the ground)
    Slant range line of sight distance = 20.76miles.
    RSSI at 20.76 miles = 10% to 33% (Dipole parallel to earth). This was even with the dipole antenna tilted parallel to the earth. The orientation of the dipole did not seem to bother the RSSI much. Our dipole antenna became tilted because our release harness broke on the left side of the paper airplane, which left us dangling by the 2 harness strings on the opposite side of the paper airplane.

    The first pass near the school occurred at a ground distance of 1.7miles wnw of the school at 33,000ft, RSSI = 18% to 22% at that time (dipole perpendicular to the earth).
    The second near pass of the school occured at a ground distance of 1.6miles wsw of the school at 113,000ft, RSSI = 17% to 20% at that time (Dipole parallel to the earths surface at that time.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Dragon link performed perfectly again. Even though we ran out of main power and were thus never able to release from the balloon, the DL maintained communication with the Dragon link Tx through out the entire flight. We may want to upgrade our Ground based antenna to a yaggi antenna for our Spaceport project.

    Project web-page.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bravo !!!!! what a great way to get kids interested in science and aerospace. Keep up the good work.

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