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Thread: Vortex 285 won't throttle down

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    Vortex 285 won't throttle down


    i purchaed a new Vortex 285 and cannot get it to throttle down. I go through the wizard everything is fine. My mins are 1110 or so and my max are about 1940, defaults about 1520.

    Once I arm it, I just cannot throttle down. The motors are still going (no props luckily) even, when throttle is all the way back. I'm using an orange R615X per instruction manual for Spektrum receivers and a DX7 (the older grey and black DSM2 version).

    immersionRC hasn't been interested in helping me, so hoping someone out there could help
    me. I'd really appreciate it. I purchased this because I thought since it was from one company I could get support shod I experience any issues, but with the way they offer support, it'll be weeks before I'll be flying. I guess I thought this would've been a little more more plug and play than it has been in my particular experience. I'm a novice, started on X4s and H107s, ready to move on to more hobby level quads and I wanted the simplest way to get into the hobby and learn as I go.

    If anyone can help me get in the air (well the real
    issue is that I want to come back down & land :-) ), l be forever grateful. Thanks in advance!!!!!

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    The motors are supposed to spin when armed. They will stop spinning after you dissarm the quad.

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