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Thread: EZ-WifiBroadcast, cheap digital HD transmission made easy!

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    8km on cheap rubber ducky linear omni antennas:

    7km+ on 50mW with a helix antenna:

    10km+ with a 6dbi linear patch:

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    31km with Cloverleaf on TX side, and 10-turn Helix on RX side:


    (This forum is broken, cannot insert Vimeo video here, not even as a normal link, you'll have to copy&paste yourself)

    11km with Omni-directional Cloverleafs on TX and RX side:

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    Alright, now that's impressive. What Tx/Rx cards are you using?
    Some fly for attitude, others for altitude

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    EZWBC 1.6RC6 has still the old bug of OSD not re-appearing on the saved video. I checked it twice but no osd info on the saverd video.

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