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Thread: Introducing a new Era in FPV with Connex ProSight

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    Make sure to post pics once it's done. Best.

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    Check out some nice acrobatic FPV flight with the ProSight on a Fixed wing plane

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    Introducing a new Era in FPV with Connex ProSight

    Really enjoying the high performance mode with the Avegant Glyph. The image is sharp and clear. Even in high contrast and shadow. Where as in the Fatshark HD v2 the detail in the shadows is hard to see. In high quality mode the image is almost unnecessarily good. I'd gladly give up a bit of resolution to get a bit better frame rate.
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    You would be lucky to even see the shadows in the hdv2 for all the Blurry edges lol :P
    However I find the Fatshark dom 3,s while they are slightly lower in res , still give a fantastic experience with Prosight .
    The colours are vibrant and crisp the contrast is good and best of all no blurring and the wide screen gives a really nice panoramic feel with no latencey.
    I actually got vertigo and motion sickness the first few times I flew with the system , thats how real it felt .

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuadroBro View Post
    Considering most people are moving to x frames, and I can't think of a single 210 frame with 70mm of length available I don't understand why they went to production... It could be the same price as anything else and I wouldn't buy it. Then there's the camera mount, or lack thereof.
    Xframes ugh .. can,t think of why the hell they are getting popular again .. the hobby started with xframes .. we moved on to better things .

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    QAV180 (which is really tiny!) has enough space to mount it.
    The Form Factor is ok, nothing to complain about it. The rubber thing around the camera bothers, it's in view - need to cut it a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OutbackKanga View Post
    Xframes ugh .. can,t think of why the hell they are getting popular again ..
    They're better for acro/freestyle due to less inertia on pitch axis compared to semi-H or true H frames. To some they're better for racing as well for more aggressive turns, but personally I prefer the opposite- more inertia on pitch and smooth turns not losing the speed rather then jumping forward and back.
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    Mounted mine on a not true X frame and drilled new holes to accommodate the long vtx. I've added a bumper plate on bottom front since then to protect the camera on a head on crash. All working great so far. The frame is an emax nighthawk.

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    wow the pic you share really amazing
    thank you so much for sharing this

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    I put my setup into a Vortex 285 (fits beautifully) and have DRILLED it over and over again. I cant seem to make it not work and God knows I've tried. Just want another experience out there...

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