I got a lux fc and dropped it in an Orion 190. Made for a very clean build, however.

After about a dozen flights, I have started having problems that I think are tied to the FC. I've hooked an x4r-sb up and am running sbus. Betaflight 2.6.1 flashed.

In the rx tab, all looks well tho there is some lag in response between stick movements and movements of the indicators on the display.

Cleanflight configurator connects and all the config appears to be right. Tho I have a problem disabling the accelerometer. I've turned if off a number of times and it stays off for a while, several flights generally, then re-enabled itself. Kind of weird, but not the heart of this problem.

When I plug in a pack, none of the esc's initialize and after a short time, the buzzer attached to the fc starts beeping in a sequence that I don't recognize. It's about a dozen beeps very quickly with a second or 2 pause between each set of beeps. If it weren't detecting the rx it would beep once every second or 2.

I can't believe all 4 x 30a angry beast esc's have failed at the same time. The craft was flying beautifully until it dropped out of the sky and started behaving this way. (no crash involved. it was flying like a champ then just dropped.)

The only thing i can figure is the fc has ceased communicating with any of the ESCs which is resulting in them not initializing on power up. This isn't the result of the rx not being detected as it's connected and operating fine in cf configurator.

Anyone know what the rapid beeping with pauses means? Have I got an fc that failed while in flight after 8 or 10 flights? Do I need to order another one and rebuild the stack?

Thanks for any help you can provide.