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Thread: Pharos antenna, the world's first smart antenna.

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    What happened to this project? Did it ever get going?
    There wasn't enough interest to justify 20k+ spending for the molding so it went on the ice.

    If this could be done as a self contained unit that could go on the aircraft, wow! Why worry about ground station? Plenty of options there already.
    This is exactly that, mount it on the aircraft so the aircraft can track home base, either with its own GPS or use the autopilot's. There was even a project where the aircraft could find home by scanning all direction in case of GPS loss ect...

    You achieved 10 km range with Microhard IPnDDL5800
    How was the video quality
    At 10km we where down to 20FPS, being digital, image is, of course, pristine.

    Whats is the Price of one unit ?
    Price was set to 200$ for the pharos only and 900 something with the microhard.


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    Is it being sold or production stopped ?

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