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Thread: Lumenier RX1806-13 2500kv motor

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    Lumenier RX1806-13 2500kv motor

    Can the shaft be changed on these motors? I believe I bent one yesterday.

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    Well now Ive found a new problem with these motors!!! Some of the little grub screws that hold the shaft in the bells are loose and missing. Does anyone know what size they are or better yet where to get them... Thanks

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    In this models motors have a strong stainless steel two millimeters internal shaft. The motor features an integrated five millimeters threaded prop adapter allowing you to directly mount the propeller to the motor. The Lumenier RX1806-13 2500kv Motor i found here I forgot to say, for Lumenier RX1806-13 2500kv Motor here best Quadcopters - jonsguide.

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