I've been flying with the Vector for a few months and doing well. I ordered the ezuhf diversity receiver and JR 433mhz module. I got it to work after about 2 hours and a lot of cussing. But the rssi part seems... Not there. The harness that plugs into the Link port clearly has nothing to do with the Vector and I've read dozens and dozens and dozens of posts about setting up the S-Bus and Serial PPM. But I can only get the thing working on the traditional receiver setting. I know the receiver is working because I can put it in a non-vector equipped airframe and it works as any receiver should.

So my questions are:

1) does the Link port on the receiver output rssi/lq Information?

2) if it does, how do you go about putting it into the rssi port of the vector?

3) if not, is the Jr module/ezuhf diversity receiver capable of sending rssi data to the vector