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Thread: John Taylor's suit against FAA was dismissed?

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    I just checked PACER yesterday and the Taylor 2 case has been pretty quiet. Briefing was done in May, and the only new document that has been filed is a letter by Taylor advising the court of his scheduling conflicts when he is not available for oral argument. Looks like oral arguments will be scheduled sometime this fall, but they are waiting on the court to set a date.
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    Thanks for the update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Channel 1 View Post
    I wouldn't spend that $5 too quickly, Congress already has a bill drafted that will require the FAA to register drones.
    Hobbyist drone registration is back in force, Congress included it in H.R.2810 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018.

    As such as of December 12, 2017 hobbyists are once again required to registered their drones but are exempt the drone operator test.

    H.R. 2018-329 s 1092(d).

    (d) RESTORATION OF RULES FOR REGISTRATION AND MARKING OF UNMANNED AIRCRAFT.—The rules adopted by the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration in the matter of registration and marking requirements for small unmanned aircraft (FAA-2015-7396; published on December 16, 2015) that were vacated by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in Taylor v. Huerta (No. 15-1495; decided on May 19, 2017) shall be restored to effect on the date of enactment of this Act.
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    I haven't flown an RC plane in my hangar for quite some time, mainly because I've gone headlong into paramotor flying. But I guess it sounds like in order to be legal that before I pull one of my planes out of the garage/hangar that I need to re-register. Anything else significant change in the last year or so that I'd need to know about?

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