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Thread: Settings for RunCam Sky+ (PZ0420 super had ccd based camera)

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    Quote Originally Posted by learn2turn View Post
    Yeah, RTFM. I have searched for documentation but didn't find much for RunCam. What I didn't realize is that the RunCam is setup-wise exactly the same as the PZ0420. And what I was looking for is recommendations in writing more so than a video tutorial. I'll like totally ADD and have a tough time watching a four minutes video which conveys information that could be expressed in writing in one paragraph.

    Yesterday I tried it with WDR on and brightness set to about 55 and it was infinity worse. The ground was almost totally black. I didn't bring the setup cable with me to the field as I don't think it's practical to fly quad with it attached and it's a real pain to get attach and detach. But I definitely have to spend some time just messing around with it in the yard until I get settings that work.
    There's a video that goes through every setting... A LOT of it is subjective either way. The settings used in the video I used to set it up were off depending on environment. The main ones you'll want to change are white balance (I use auto set 2) then contrast, brightness, saturation. Then the shading areas had little effect to me. Honestly, I'm not sure why nobody has developed a way to access the camera OSD, from an OSD. If the video output were hd I'd take a photo target with me and calibrate white balance that way.

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    I haven't messed with white balance yet. Today I got pretty good results from noon to 3:00 PM. Good enough to practice flying two feet off the deck between a couple pool noodles about six feet apart. I think I'm just about ready for 5'x5' gates.

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