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Thread: What 4S batteries to go with 2300kv tri blade setup?

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    What 4S batteries to go with 2300kv tri blade setup?

    So far I have been learning on 3S build with 5030 props and everything was fine until I grew up of it and went with new, stronger build.

    I got myself emax rs2205 2300kv, 30A esc, 65C graphene batteries, and some 5045 tri blade bullnose props. I have read chart with current draw with those props wrong way so I was convinced this combo will draw 27A of full throttle.

    However I have realized my mistake and see that this prop/motor combo draws over 35A or even 43A depends which test I am checking on. Now, fair enough, I made mistake, those props are for 3S batteries or for lower kv motors as even graphene batteries are not able to provide that much current.

    But reading forums and watching youtube videos I see lots of people running similar combo, tri or quad blade props on 2300kv motor....

    Am I missing something? Are there some special batteries out there? Or my calculations are wrong and those build do not draw way over 100A on punchouts???

    Any feedback appreciated. Thanks

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    I have never seen 100amp punch out
    I think 50 to 60 amp is really max
    Just fly with your graphene and check temp after flight

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    Bonka, SMC, Rebel and Graphene batteries are good. I use Bonka and SMC 1300's and frequently with tri's, rs2205 emax, kiss fc and 24a esc on a alien frame....I often see 100 - 112 amps max current on kiss telemetry using those batteries. Tattu's just make 100a, they don't last though.

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    My butteries are warm after flight and I am sure I don't use throttle all that much (punchouts around 60%).

    I run simple test yesterday. As I don't have anything to measure current drawn in flight I have strapped my quad to vice, and gave it a full throttle on one motor and I have recorded 43A drawn. Then Full throttle on all motors and recorded 135A.
    This got me worried. But that was before I found out that in static thrust motors and propellers are under much heavier load as there is no air moving. I knew this will be a factor, but I didn't know it will be so huge. According to EngineerX by 25-35%.

    So it is all good. When add to it that C ratings on Batteries are usually overblown by a factor of 2 I finally got some values I can work with to build by setup!

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