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Thread: Skylark customised version FlySky i6 10Channels Radio Control System

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    Skylark customised version FlySky i6 10Channels Radio Control System

    Skylark customised version FlySky i6 AFHDS2A 2.4ghz Radio Control System, with self centering throttle stick

    10 Channels iBus

    The newest i6 transmitter support 10 channels. It uses less power to run, has better range, and quicker response. The new i6 is more efficient and powerful than before.

    The i6 control center looks clean and uncrowded, yet puts sticks, the programming keys and the rotary knobs and toggle switches within easy reach. The entire transmitter has shrunken in size and ergonomically designed for a better, easier grip, and balanced for easy neck strap use. The i6 is significantly lighter than its predecessors allowing less fatigue during longer flight adventures. The i6 case also features a large carry handle that makes it easier to manipulate. A built-in antenna prevents breakage and damage. Other features include a large backlight LCD screen.

    The i6 operates in the frequency range of 2.405 to 2.475GHz.This band has been divided into 142 independent channels, each radio system uses 16 different channels and 160 different types of hopping algorithm.

    This radio system uses a high gain and high quality multi directional antenna, it covers the whole frequency band. Associated with a high sensitivity receiver, this radio system guarantees a jamming free long range radio transmission.

    Each transmitter has a unique ID, when binding with a receiver, the receiver saves that unique ID and can accepts only data from the unique transmitter. This avoids picking another transmitter signal and dramatically increase interference immunity and safety.

    This radio system uses low power electronic components and sensitive receiver chip. The RF modulation uses intermittent signal thus reducing even more power consumption.

    AFHDS2A system has the automatic identification function, which can switch automatically current mode between single-way communication mode and two-way communication mode according to the customer needs.

    AFHDS2A has built-in multiple channel coding and error-correction, which improve the stability of the communication, reduce the error ratio and extend the reliable transmission distance.

    � 6 channel 2.4ghz radio with telemetry capability
    � Dual Rate/Trims/Gear/Flap/Gyro Gain Adjust/Flight Mode/Throttle Hold/Hover Pitch Switches
    � Easy to use Programming & Navigation Buttons
    � Supports Heli/Standard Wing/Elevon/V-Tail
    � 20 Model Memory
    � 8 Character Model Name
    � Trainer port
    � Backlit LCD Screen displays real time transmitter and receiver voltage
    � 4 Stick Mode Selectable
    � Optional telemetry receivers and sensors available separately

    Basic Programming Functions:
    Dual Rates
    Sub Trim
    Travel Adjust
    Channel Reverse
    Swash Mix
    Gyro Sensitivity
    Throttle Curve
    Pitch Curve
    Throttle Hold
    Model Name

    FlySky - i6 Transmitter Specs:
    Frequency: 2.4ghz ISM Frequency Range
    Modulation: GFSK
    Spread Spectrum Mode: AFHDS 2A and AFHDS
    Band: 142
    Number of Frequency Channels: 20
    Output Power: <=20dbm
    Working Current: <=100mA
    Working Voltage: 1.5v x 4 AA
    Dimensions: 174x89x190mm
    Weight: 392g
    Resolution: 1024 bit
    Stick Mode: Mode 2 (Throttle Left)

    FlySky - i6 Receiver Specs:
    Channel: 6
    Frequency: 2.4g ISM Frequency Range
    Power: 4.5V~6.6V/<30ma
    Net Weight: 6.4g
    Dimensions: 40.4x21.1x7.35mm

    4 x AA Type Battery For Operation
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    Why on gods green earth do you want a self centered elevator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy_Hoffman View Post
    Why on gods green earth do you want a self centered elevator
    Like the all dji quads have them too!!
    So it is not that stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by wippo76 View Post
    Like the all dji quads have them too!!
    So it is not that stupid
    Never said it was stupid, I asked why. I cant see wanting to pull the stick down and needing to hold it, you let go and rocket back into the sky!

    It would be super easy, open the control and add the spring that centers it. I have no interest personally. I switched mine from mode 1 to mode 2 with ease.

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    When stick is center quad will hoover
    For a plane its useless
    Easy enough to remove the springs I think
    I have taranis no need for this too

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    Not all quads hover at 50% throttle, sure you can attempt to monkey the throttle curve and other settings to do so but dead center isnt always hover without gaining altitude.

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    Just buy a naza controller and you will see it will hoover at 50% throttle

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    Quote Originally Posted by wippo76 View Post
    Just buy a naza controller and you will see it will hoover at 50% throttle
    I do fly a naze, a legit one ive also flown a cc3d and neither of those dead hover at 50% throttle, maybe with a gps fix but all my quads are acros. I have to constantly micro adjust to keep hover, i cant set it at dead center and let go. Theres too many situational variables to put a throttle at 50% and it just sit there. It might be close to hover, but I cant just let go and take a nap.

    Regardless, Id never run this setup but if its something that floats your boat you go for it, thats the beauty here is we get to build how we want.

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    This is a very useful feature when we use the controller to control RC Car/ Tank / Boat or multicopter (working at hover mode)

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