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Thread: I need HELP PLEASE! I BURNED OUT my PDB!!!

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    I need your help guys. I have a quad with these specs and i burned out my pdb. What do you think caused this? Was wondering if the 4000 mah 10c battery has a high enough current to power this setup or do i need a batt with a higher c rating. I was wondering if I should/could switch to a 3200mah 20c or 25C. I have no idea how to find out the ampage my quad pulls and I'm really struggling with the electric side of this hobby. Any help you could give me would be much appreciated:
    OpenPilot CC3D ATOM Flight Controller (CC3D Mini Racing Edition - Bent Pin)
    DX5E Spektrum Radio
    Orange 6-Channel Rx - DSM2 and DSMX compatible 2.4Ghz receiver.
    Eachine 600tvl 1/3 Cmos FPV 110 Degree Camera w/32CH Trans
    600mW Video Transmi...tter.
    5030 Walkera props
    2x - Turnigy 4000mAh 3S 11.1v 10c discharge Lipo Battery Pack
    1- 2/3S Charger
    4x BLHeli 12amp ESC's
    4 x 2204 2300kv Brushless Cheerwing Motors

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    So.... what kind of pdb do you have and how do you know it is burned out? got pics?

    First a higher C rating batt will allow more amps to be drawn through the pdb so if you burned it out a better batt will only burn it out quicker... if you mean part of the pdb that makes different voltages for cams,f/c's, etc is burned out then that is a different matter, either you have too much power required for the accessories you have on board for the pdb to handle or something is wired wrong... either way nee a bit more info here... like a wiring diagram, pics of the wiring/damage, things like that.

    Don't worry about not understanding a lot of the technical stuff to start with just do as much research as you can handle and it will start to click for you it's not rocket science but it can be overwhelming when you first jump in

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    Is the bottom of the PDB insulated from the carbon frame ?

    If the PDB has electrical connection with the carbon frame then that is most probably your short

    Remember carbon fiber is conductive
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    could be the fact you have a 4000mah battery on mini quad. 4000!!! way too much. try a 1300 or even 1600. at most 2200. but the craft will run high on the throttle stick and cause heat. that's your problem. where in the throttle stick do you need to have it, in order to hover. My guess is no less then 3/4.

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