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Thread: DVR firmware upgrade , IMPORTANT INFORMATION

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rfriedman View Post
    Yes, that is normal. The DVR is a low bitrate. If uploading to youtube, first save the DVR file as MPEG-4 or something else that is 1080P to upscale. Youtube does not do a good job upscaling DVR footage.
    thabk you very much, the tips worked pretty good. This is my video, it was once imposible to watch, now it's pretty decent. Thanks!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by frands1 View Post
    i have a Dom HD3 with Furious v3
    is it normal that flying image quality is A LOT better than recorded by DVR? When I check post flight videos the quality is pretty bad, almost imposible to watch.
    You need to select ch 1 on your goggle's (keep pressing the top ch down button until long beep). Your playback though your goggles will look fine after this.

    This is a known issue with true-d v3 and may be addressed in future firmware updates.

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