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Thread: Feiyu Tech support -- a good experience

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    Feiyu Tech support -- a good experience

    I recently purchased a Mini 3D Pro to replace an gimbal one on my QAV500v2. After attaching it and wiring it up, I apply power and snap, crackle, pop -- the blue smoke is released.

    I contacted them via QQ (an IM app that is popular in China) and arranged for the gimbal's return. All very easy.

    The gimbal was repaired within a few days of them receiving it and return shipped via DHL to my door. They communicated well over the period; I must have received about 6 or 7 emails from them with status updates.

    I just fired it up and it works flawlessly.

    All in all, simple and smooth experience and far better than I had expected. The only down-side is that I needed to cover the shipping to their factory, they covered the return.

    I'm really impressed with their service. Thank you, Feiyu!

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    I exactly had the same problem
    It was a bad solder joint that burned the capacitor
    I repaired myself for 10ct because the shipping was 27 euro to china
    Bad bad quality control is a better name for this company....

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