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Thread: Video editing software...what are you using?

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    Yeah I think I looked at windows but found they don't have it anymore, it is not already on my laptop. Do I have to install it from somewhere? TIA

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    It's under windows essentials -


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    Thank you mate much appreciated

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    What video editing software are people using in 2018? Especially for HD and 4k?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pelican View Post
    What video editing software are people using in 2018? Especially for HD and 4k?
    I'm using Vegas 14 and Davinci Resolve 15. Mostly Resolve but use Vegas for some projects, it's good for time lapses etc.

    Resolve is very powerful, and free version pretty well does everything you'd want, and it renders 4K faster and smaller than Vegas, but you need a decent graphics card to run it.

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    I'm also using Davinci Resolve, having switched from Sony/Magix Movie Studio after the fiasco that was the last version update.

    As Glenstr has said, Resolve is very powerful but even more important that that is the fact that in all the time I've been using it, it has never crashed, not even once! Movie Studio would crash with monotonous regularity and that was pissing me off.

    Also, Resolve (providing you have a decent CPU and GPU) has fantasticly good rendering times. I can render 4K video faster than realtime with my setup (i7 8700 and GFX1060/6GB)

    The non-studio version of Resove is *free* -- no watermarks, no file-size limitations -- only some of the more advanced aspects (lens distortion correction, de-noising, etc) are removed so it will be 100% functional for the vast majority of YouTube creators.

    The new version (currently in Beta) also integrates Fusion, a video compositing/effects system that is kick-ass powerful (albeit with a steep learning curve).

    After using Resolve and Fusion for a month, I plonked down my $300 for the "studio" version. Not because I thought I'd need the small amount of extra stuff that it offers but because a good video editor is one of my most important tools and this one is so good that I have no problems in paying for it as a way of supporting the company that makes it.

    Oh, and it's a "one-time" payment -- new versions are free. Those who bought the studio version of Resolve 12 are still able to download the later studio versions and use them at no additional cost. This compares very nicely to the Adobe model of renting your software for a monthly fee (which means you never stop paying).

    Pro's and cons of Resolve:

    On the pro side:
    - incredibly powerful, expecially the color grading
    - bullet-proof reliability (at least for me)
    - fantastic render performance
    - free (you can't beat that for price)
    - integrated Fusion support (from V15 onwards)
    - makes excellent use of GPU power (supports the use of more than one card per machine)

    - requires fairly grunty hardware (4 or more cores, decent video card)
    - sometimes has issues dealing with AVCHD audio
    - learning curve can be a little steep if you're unfamiliar with other NLEs
    - can't change a project's video frame-rate once established

    If you're simply looking to editing videos for YouTube by slicing and dicing your GoPro footage then there are probably simpler editors out there which will do the job quite well... but if you want to use a professional-grade NLE and are prepared to spend a little time learning how to use it, Resolve is certainly worth a look.

    Here's a video (not one of mine, obviously) edited and composited with Resolve/Fusion -- just to give you an idea of its power and capabilities:

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    I like how Resolve makes using key frames easy to change colour grades on the fly too, pretty cool stuff. I havenít even begun to use its many other cool features yet that were available on the 12.5 I started with, let alone fusion etc.

    The latest versions also support mp3 too, with 12.5 I had to convert to wave to add music.

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    I had some great footage of a recent flight to the coast and have been wanting some good editing software for a while now so without too much research I bought Pinnacle Studio 21. I was so excited to start editing my first video but after 5 minutes got impatient trying to learn it and ended up hacking out my video with Windows Movie Maker instead. A painful process but I got it done. I'm definitely going to learn Pinnacle but I think I better learn it when I'm not jonesing to post up a new video.

    Hopefully it was a fair choice of programs

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    I've been using Resolve 15 almost exclusively for the past while, unless I am making a timelapse when I go back to Vegas. Version 15 has the very powerful fusion titling, as xjet said.

    I was asked to do a promotional video for the town I live in for this years World 3D Archery Championships held in September, so I spent some time learning the fusion part to create a 3D title to go with the theme. It's a bit buggy and can cause crashes in certain sequences, but overall pretty good and very powerful.

    Here is the video I compiled with the 3D title - my first stab at it.

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