I'm shopping for a lightweight 1.3 VTx system to add to my Phantom. I already have 1.3 VTx on my Matrix and base station and want to use my Phantom 1.2 to keep my skills sharp and experiment. I want to add lightweight VTx and small camera to my early model Phantom. Do the tiny VTx such as the one from RMRC work well:

If you have that or something similar does work well? Also on my existing basestation, I have IBCrazy ultra Blue beam antenna. Will the polarization of the pico VTx wire antenna work well with the circular IBCrazy mushroom type antenna?

Also looking for a camera, perhaps this : http://www.readymaderc.com/store/ind...oducts_id=1228

Suggestions welcome. I also have to think of power and voltage -- how do I handle that?