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Thread: PWM - PPM - SBUS - Trying to understand!

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    PWM - PPM - SBUS - Trying to understand!

    So I'm waiting for my first tx/rx in the mail. I bought a cheap one from banggood for now as its my first build / tx, FS I6, with the FSIA6b rx. Now I know the rx and tx come compatible with SBUS (I think it's actually called IBus on the FS) but it seems a little more complicated to setup, UART in clean flight and all that good stuff.

    Is it worth me putting time into setting it up as SBUS? I know there are firmware updates for the FS I6 that can make it an 8 or 10 channel tx, and it would be nice to take advantage of the extra channels with Ibus anyway any input is appreciated, thanks all!

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    The big advantage to going Sbus or ppm is it cleans up your wiring from RX to FC and usually will allow the use of more channels depending on the RX. One servo wire from RX is all that is needed.

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    Can't say for sure with iBus, but SBUS generally has lower latency.
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    So probably best to go with the IBUS? Can anyone familiar with the wiring help me out a little? I've read about using UART's on the board (Naze32 Rev5) and I'm just looking for a little clarification. If I set it up in clean flight as IBUS using UART 2 as the serial port or w/e, I then would only need gnd and 5v and one signal wire directly to the UART pad on the board?

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    I don't know what port you should be on, but your rx should be marked with subs or similar. usually from what i understand you will have your RX in a normal position, straight ahead, then your white cable from the servo wire should be up? and black down, red in middle. . But how to set it up in clean flight isn't really something I can help you with.. Trying to get my RX to work with SBUS right now but with problems..

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