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Thread: TBS Unify Pro 5.8G Heat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Upthat View Post
    I have the smartaudio set up to make changes in the osd which works great. However if I need to spend more than a minute changing PIDs through the osd I'll usually go into vtx options and switch to 25mw while i make changes then switch it back to 500mw to prevent over heating.
    It makes me wonder whether it's possible to change the vtx power or even go into pit mode by using a switch on the taranis, does anyone know if this is possible?
    I was asking this exact same question a while back in the betaflight thread. Immediatly everyone started to complain that this would allow cheating in racing,I was like there is way more to fpv than racing.I would love a threeway switch on my taranis to control it.Low 25mw Mid 200mw High 800mw.
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    SeanyP, I noticed you said you have a unify vtx, zero zero cam, and the core pro osd, I'm wondering if your having any problems with smart audio? I have the same stuff as you and it all works great except when I connect the zero zero to smart audio... Once I do all I hear is beeping the the speaker of my fpv monitor speaker, but when I disconnect the zero zero from smart audio, I don't hear the beeping and I'm able to control the unify with the osd menu, but when the zero zero is connected I don't even see the unify vtx listed as a device connected.. I have the latest firmware installed on the core pro, and I soldered both the audio and telemetry pads together inside the core pro like the tbs FAQ tells you to, but it's not working for me.. If I connect everything and only leave the telemetry pad soldered then I get video on my monitor from the zero zero, I can control my unify vtx, but I should also get the ability to control the unify and zero zero cam with the core pro osd and my tx sticks...

    I will ill attach a screen shot of the tbs faq so you can see what I'm talking about here, it states if using tbs products no other parts are needed. If using the fpv vision, just connect the zero zero the cam 1 input and the unify vtx to the vtx connector and it will all work, osd control of the unify and zero zero. It also states if using the pnp core pro osd, to open it up and solder the audio and telemetry pads together, so all 3 pads, which connects the zero zero to the telemetry output of the osd processor along with the unify vtx.. But I'm not getting any love! So I'm hoping you or anyone else is able to help me here.. I've created 2 tickets with tbs support 3 days ago and the only response I got was a link to the sales page of the zero zero and I was told they don't make a manual for it and this is all the info they have..

    So anyone able to help please let me know.... At this time I'm thinking the zero zero is faulty, or the firmware I need to install on th core pro osd isn't available or something.....


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