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Thread: FatShark HD2 Not working!! How to turn them on?

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    Angry FatShark HD2 Not working!! How to turn them on?

    I just received my fatshark HD2 from HobbyKing. I charged the battery and now plug the battery into the googles. There is no image, there is no sound, is like dead. I have turn on the RX switch, press all the buttons, move all the sticks, unplug and again plug the battery and nothing.

    Im very dissappointed that is a very expensive product and its a garbage. Does any know if there is a way or turnaround to turn on the googles?

    I will request hobbyking my money back and wont buy again any fatshark product in my life. Very dissapointed. Even its incredible that there is a QC FatShark paper in the box that says "QC 2016.2.23 PASS"... Im sure no one tested it.

    Can anyone help me.


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    Which receive module are you using? Post a pic of you vTx setup!
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    So pics or anything? Just a whine and you bounce? Gotta give us more info then the little tid bit of what you posted.
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