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Thread: 2016 June COFPV Summer Meetup

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    Quote Originally Posted by brod53 View Post
    Hey Mark.....where ya been? I've tried to text you at least 1/2 dozen times. You change your number? I probably drive right past your place every time I go up to Bull Mountain. I know you'd really like the place and it's only about 45-60 minutes for you. For me it's more like 2.5 hours. But an enjoyable back country drive. All dirt roads but very peaceful. and BLM Land. No one complaining. Send me an email. I bought a new computer and your email address doesn't pop up like it used to. Thinking of heading up either Saturday or Sunday which ever looks the best weather wise. Let me know if your interested. Or anyone else for that matter. Plenty of room almost the entire mountain is BLM. And all the land over to Red Mountain is as well. Mark.....Keep in touch.

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    There is somebody in Italy that want to organize a competition?

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    Has anyone started planning the 2017 Hartsel meet? Going to try and do fathers day weekend again? I am going to come back out to represent RMRC and I am trying to plan out when it will be and add it to our company event calendar

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    Hey zanderman111 go over to the Colorado thread . I think the vote was done on what dates but was rushed . Not sure if its official as giving more time would help on organizing it a little better.

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