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Thread: How to program a Lumenier 40A Winged ESC

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    How to program a Lumenier 40A Winged ESC

    Hi everyone, I have a 40A Lumenier Winged esc that apparently has the LiPo voltage monitor set, and it cuts power relatively early (at about 3.8v per cell). I have searched for the programming instructions but have not been able to find them. Is this esc compatible with a particular programming card? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards.


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    I'm looking for this, too. So I'll bump this thread. I don't remember if mine came with a printed set of instructions or not.
    I'm hoping to turn on braking on mine.

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    Hi Mike, I emailed GetFPV support. Turns out they don't have the instructions, either. Never received them from the manufacturer. So there doesn't seem to be an answer to this question anywhere.

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