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Thread: Arrgh..New Effio-V was DOA :(

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    Thumbs up Arrgh..New Effio-V was DOA :(

    I got several Effio-V now, and are very pleased with the PQ on this flightcams.

    Today I got my new cam in the mail, and was looking for som quality time in the mancave.
    Sadly, the new camera from Surveilzone was getting very hot, and the picture from it was rolling and if there was an ground-loop or somthing.
    Double tested just by swapping the new Sony, with another in my plane witch had identical part number...the new camera still fails!

    It is very annoying, when several weeks passing as shipping is taking waay long time :'-(

    Well, back to my trusty SuperHAD II

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    Not very pleased with SZ now...I'm still waiting for a new board replacement. Support informs that they shipped this 12 days ago...but still no registered parcel at HK post.

    An advice...if you live outside have to be VERY patient!

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