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Thread: The perfect prop

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    The perfect prop


    Id love to run both of my 4S quads with the same props.

    Both of the quads run 2204, 2300kv Motors with 4s Lipos...

    One frame is a Krieger 200.. The other one is a Robocat 280..

    If i went for triblades.. What would you suggest to fit the motors and the drag in a efficient way without producing heat/damage to the system:

    5045, bullnose triblades? Dual blades?the topic is a little intimidating and id love to have one product i can safely use!

    Thanks for your time,

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    what escs are you running?
    In hoc signo vinces

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    Im using a tbs powercube on betaflight in airmode...

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    HQ 5x4x3 are my current favorite. Kind of pricey, but they feel so good. Not sure if they'll fit on the Krieger 200 though.

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    Three leaf props handle smoother, but also seem to shorten flight time. Must say three leaf are my fave! Two leaf for endurance, I guess. Try em all that's what I did, lol.

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    Try the Lynx props. The come in Orange, yellow and black.
    5030, 5035, and 5040 in 2 and 3 blade and 5045 in 2 blade.

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    I don't think tri blade BN props is a good idea on 2204 motors, too much load. I like 5x4x3 on my 2204s best for acro. DYS have some out which are stronger and cheaper than the HQs.

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