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Thread: What's my problem (Power surge)

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    What's my problem (Power surge)

    ok, so this is my first quad build and first real post to this forum so please bear with me.

    Quad specs
    DJI 450 clone frame
    Naze32 Rev 5 Full
    SunnySky v2216 800kv motors
    Hobbywing 30A SimonK opto esc's 500hz (calibrated)
    1045 props
    4000mah 4s Battery
    cleanflight configurator 1.2.0
    naze32 firmware nov 28 2015 (1.11.0)

    P 2
    I 0.030
    D 23

    looptime 2000

    My plan was to get the bare quad flying and then add Landing gear, gps, fpv, gimble etc. At this stage I have way too much thrust for the weight of the quad <1.3Kg so I suspect I may have to fit smaller props or go down to a 3s.
    The problem I'm experiencing is while the quad is on the deck with the props spinning there seems to be random surges in power (without any additional stick input)and the quad will jump into the air on barely any throttle at all and is very hard to control.

    It's very difficult to even start PID tuning

    I'm not sure at this stage if it's
    esc's losing sync (or faulty)
    faulty fc
    too much thrust and hovering at just above idle

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    ok so I've made a bit of progress here.

    Basically I've been trying to run before I can walk.

    To test out the 'too much thrust' theory I decided to fasten a 1.2Kg piece of wood to the bottom of it, taking the overall weight up to 2.5Kg

    Had a test flight, and it was so so much better. The PID's were no where right, but I didn't care.

    The battery and prop combination may work fine once my quad is fully loaded, but not at this very early stage in its development.

    I now have 2 choices smaller props or lower cell count lipo.

    Smaller props is going to be my first choice, going down to 9". Any recommendations and places to purchase (UK)

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    So I purchased some cheap props just to test my theory out.

    The props were 9443's and are very bendy (which is not great for consistency I guess)

    Anyway, with the addition of some landing gear this now flies great

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    I am trying to figure out "What's my problem?" What do you want to tell us or ask us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ede View Post
    I am trying to figure out "What's my problem?" What do you want to tell us or ask us?
    I sort of answered my own question really. The fact that my props were too big for the weight of my quad (at the time) meant that each motor was effectively on or off.

    smaller props helped a lot

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