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Thread: Range issue with Fatshark 700 TVL camera

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    Range issue with Fatshark 700 TVL camera

    I have a Vortex 285 with the stock fatshark 700 TVL camera and antenna . Using new Fatshark Attitude V3 googles with stock antenna.
    When flying at any field I have only about 250 feet before horizontal lines appear and image gets poor, and I have to turn quad around and come back. Image ofcourse getting stronger, better and lines disappear as I get back into range. What is the range expected with stock set up? And what tips are there for improving range?

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    At first I was going to say you needed a cp antenna for the goggles but I noticed the v3 come with a spironet antenna.I would make absolutly sure you are on the same chnnel on both the goggles and the Vortex.You can be slightly off on one and still get an image when you are next to the quad that quickly degrades.Also I assume you are keeping a clear los between you and the quad and not flying with too many obsatcles between you and the quad.
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    I was doing some reading about Fatshark having some of those issues early on and the Flysight Spexman being a better gitup in that regard. Any feedback there? I can't find too many reviews, the fly sights aren't as popular and that's about the only thing I can find lately.

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    Did you ever power-up the video transmitter without and antenna? Have you checked / verified the input voltage into the VTx? Also do not test flying straight up as you may be in the null of the antenna pattern.

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    You should get more than 250 feet, try other channels, in a field near my house on one channel I get noise and a similar problem that you are having, switching the channel away from that one I get a great connection.

    I couldn't find out if the antenna was LHCP or RHCP either, I assume it's RHCP as the ones on RMRC that are LHCP are white.

    Also I see no 90 degree adapter with that antenna, so you must be bending it upright correct?

    Also if you have a metal plate in your head that can be a problem.

    OK that last one was a joke... maybe...
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    Make sure your antennas are screwed on tight (but don't strip/break anything), there was a case a bit back where the connection from antenna to receiver wasn't good, and caused similar issues (maybe not the same gear).

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