Getting support for your product is simple really, please follow these three basic steps:

Step 1 - Contact the retailer

If you have bought one of our products and would like to return it for whatever reason the retailer you purchased it from is your 1st point of contact, hence contact them and inquire about their terms and conditions for returning a product. Since we don't do direct sales we can't accept returns from end users, nor can we reimburse you for something which hasn't been sold by us directly. Also, for generic support of our products the retailer is your 1st point of contact, they will be able to help and assist you.

Step 2 - Post your question on the forum

If during the warranty period there's a problem or a defect with the product, the retailer is your 1st point of contact once again, they sold you the product and they are responsible for 1st line of support, that's how it works in retail. If they can't, for whatever reason, offer you support you're welcome to post your queries in the 'ImmersionRC Support' subforum. Other forums members will be able to assist you there and we also monitor this subforum to assist where needed.

ImmersionRC Support subforum :

However make absolutely sure to describe your problem exactly, the more information, the better we'll be able to help you. One liners, or oceans of text without paragraphs or structure, unfortunately will not see a quick resolution, if any. Things that help to illustrate the issue you're seeing are:

- Add pictures, or videos, to your post, make sure they're sharp and detailed, fuzzy pictures/videos don't help anyone.
- Add a detailed wiring schematic to your post, outlining exactly where each wire connects to, this is an essential part of debugging electronics. Illustrate with photos if needed.
- Realize that your issue won't be resolved in a matter of minutes, usually it takes several days for a resolution to be offered, if not longer in more complex cases.

Step 3 - Contact support or repairs directly

If 2) fails to tackle your problem, the retailer cannot help you or your product is defective and/or out of warranty then there's two email addresses you can use to contact us: - for product support related questions. - if you'd like to get your defective product repaired.

Option 3) is operated by a ticket system with two people monitoring these mailboxes full time, hence the typical turn around for a reply is a couple of days, obviously depending on the number of tickets in the queue, which will be larger after the weekend for example. If you don't get a reply after a few days, please resend the message, your email address, or your domain may have been used for sending out SPAM, hence our SPAM filter probably has caught your message.

So, if anyone that is looking for support would please follow these simple steps we're confident we can get any issues resolved in no time at all.


Team ImmersionRC.