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    If you always wanted to get a TBS Crossfire but you're stuck with a previous-generation UHF system, here's your chance to get a huge discount! We want your old UHF gear, and we'll give you discounts (and free standard shipping) towards your TBS Crossfire!

    How it works

    • Fill out below form and print the generated PDF
    • Ship items to the TBS facility located closest to you (addresses inside generated PDF)
    • You will receive an order confirmation once the package has been received, with discounts applied
    • Follow instructions in the email for payment. Package ships from our Hong Kong facility next working day, EU orders will be shipped from Germany.

    The fine print

    • Each item sent in generates a discount for ONE item. Multiple items don't create accumulated discount.
    • Discounts apply to products only. Shipping is not affected
    • Defective items must be labeled as "defective".
    • Discount applies to end customers only.
    • Discount applies to a maximum of 50% of the Crossfire item value (accumulated).
    • Accepted trade-in items are listed below. Contact our customer support department if you have an UHF system not on this list.

    Follow this link here:

    The exchange is available until March 31st, 2016! I'm available for any questions or comments!
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    Can i trade my defctive ezuhf diversity also if I lable it as such?

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    yes. 3rd point in "The fine print"

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    Dude thats to much. Will order me 2 diversity rx, awesome deal.

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    Question Question though!

    Hmm... Interesting offer.

    Question though!

    1. I already have a Crossfire System which replaced my EzUHF System consisting of both the Rx and the Tx.
      Replacing the Rx as a spare or for use on a 2nd model isn't exactly hard to imagine but what about the Tx? Substitute it for 3rd Rx?
    2. At what point are we talking about defective products that need to be marked as such?
      Does this only apply to devices that have lost their functionality ( like in broken PCB's, lost SMD Parts, bricked Software )
      or does this also apply to optical defects like a lost heat shrink and/or slightly bent antenna connectors that do not affect the performance of the device?
    3. The UHF Systems we return to you, should we only return the Rx and Tx or would you like for us to ship any accessories, we still have, that came with it as well?
      Like Cables, Antennas, Manuals, etc...
    4. Judging the form it appears that in case for a Tx & Rx swap we need to fill out two of them.
      How about the Packaging to be sent to you? Musketeer Style with All in One?

    Cheers =)

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    1) Yes you can substitute the TX for an additional RX.
    2) defective means "broken", not visually defective.
    3) whatever you have, drop it in the box. we're not too picky.
    4) no you can add all the items you want, and all the items you've got for replacement, into the same form. Use the "+" sign to add additional rows. just drop all the items into one box, and include the PDF printed out (that's very important). ship using the cheapest shipping option!

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    Are Rangelink TX and 12 Ch RX trade in items? I figure I'll ask here and everyone can read it vs. hitting your support department.


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    RangeLink is the same as RLink, I assume (I might be totally wrong here ). In any case, they cost about the same so their trade-in value is equal.

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    OK Trappy for an example if I fill out 2 forms one for an EZUHF 8 channel diversity and one for the EZUHF box version and send it to Mongrel gear in Australia is this already registered on your site this will happen?
    I am in New Zealand.

    So I will receive discounts both on tx and rx Crossfire.

    Also are the antenna's required to be sent with the EZUHF gear to Mongrel and any cables.

    Cheers M

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    I think there's a confusion in the form. you can add multiple items to the form, one shipment should have one form only. then send it to Mongrel, and we will then ship you the Crossfires. As you are doing the exchange via our website, and Mongrel will use a backend tool on our website to clear the shipment, there is no need to do anything else.

    I have just updated the form to make it visually and textually more clear. Could you take another look and let me know if it's more or less confusing now?

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