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Thread: DragonLink support no answer

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    Unhappy DragonLink support no answer

    If there is anybody here that knows how to get in contact with DL direct other than the email, Could you please let me know? I ordered a new V3 system on last Saturday with 2 day Express Mail, today is Thursday sent couple of emails but no luck. I'm very interested in getting this product up and running I'm a bit new to the FPV deal and spending the kind of money on a system like this and not getting an email with tracking or no answer is a little bit nerve wrecking. From someone that has had bad experiences with internet products before you can see how I'm feeling at this time. If someone knows how to get in contact again please let me know and thank you in advance.

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    Did you got it??

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    No never got the product dragonlink gave me back my money and I ended buying an ezuhf. Which hasn't failed me yet hopefully it keeps up, but wo far I'm having a great time with it. I really wanted to try dragonlink but maybe on another project on a later date. But if ezuhf keeps up like it has been there is no reason to change it whatsoever.

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    Same here, I expect to have an answer

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    Try RcGroups Dragonlink thread . Mike Bigelowe will respond there pretty quick . His user name is Jettpilot.

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