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Thread: TBS Software Releases

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    Quote Originally Posted by doobie View Post
    ok thanx saturnprime. so basically, let you guys bash around and break stuff till it works perfectly then update? LMFAO just kiddin around dude.
    Haha, exactly. If you wanna be even more cutting edge and the development guys like you, you can also get an alpha! Then the wildness ensues!

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    LOL im afraid to ask ha ha ha
    flyin HIGH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perna View Post
    We write all changes in the release notes. If there is nothing written about it it wont be inside.
    Yep -- that is the convention. That's why I had the question.

    It seems that the announcement of serial MODEM functionality in the Crossfire thread may have been premature.

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    flyin HIGH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perna View Post
    - removed: Flytrex direct upload button for TBS Blackbox
    This doesn't conflict with a Flytrex Live 3G receiving it's GPS Data coming from the FC/GPS and shared via the Blackbox, does it? =)

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    no, it's just flytrex live support from the TBS Agent.

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    I'm really excited to share the latest BETA release for TBS CROSSFIRE and CORE PRO. We added a lot of new stuff to make the TBS CROSSFIRE and the TBS CORE PRO an even more awesome product.

    Here are the release notes for the newest update:

    TBS CORE PRO V1.40:

    - added: Call sign under VTX menu to unlock VTx (ux improvement)
    - added: Flight mode for APM and PX4 ( requires TBS CROSSFIRE V1.13 or newer or TBS BLACKBOX )
    - added: "Air mode" flight mode added for Betaflight
    - added: Supported receivers extended for ColibriRACE selectable via TBS CORE PRO menu ( SUMD, SUMH, X_BUS_MODE_B and XBUS_MODE_B_RJ01 )
    - added: Crossfire is a RC frame source via BST. Navigate through TBS CORE PRO menu with remote sticks, without ColibriRACE ( TBS CROSSFIRE V1.14 or newer )
    - modified: Menu option to make LED change according to frequency instead of channel
    - modified: Improved OSD and pixel stability
    - modified: Code internal changes
    - fixed: BST GPS support while using power cube
    - fixed: Some small bug fixes

    TBS Blackbox
    - added: Forward flight status to TBS CORE PNP PRO
    - added: .csv as new logging format on SD card
    - added: TBS Crossfire full logging support added
    - modified: Logging speed updated from 1Hz to 5Hz
    (The TBS Agent import for the new file format is not yet done)


    - added: New high bandwidth and ultra low latency RF profile
    - added: 3 times faster RC update rate with new RF profile ( cuts down latency to 5ms best / 12ms worst )
    - added: New selection for Output 8 ( Bridge and MAVLInk )
    - added: Serial bridge support added. 1.2kB/s throughput with baudrate 57600. Output 8 ( uart TX ), Output 7 ( uart RX ) and Output 6 ( uart RTS flow control )
    - added: MAVLink support added. Baudrate 57600. Output 8 ( TX ) and Output 7 ( RX ) Can be connected to any MAVLink telemetry port, gives full MAVLink support in new RF profile and basic support in current RF profile
    - added: MAVLink parser added, feeding forward relevant data to the TBS CORE PRO ( requires TBS CORE PRO firmware V1.38 or newer )
    - added: MAVLink dynamic bandwidth control for incoming messages. This gives high update rate for forwarded messages to BST and make the frames fit the downlink avoiding buffer overflow and high latency
    - added: RC over MAVLink support added ( RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE ). Can be enabled on RX settings.

    - modified: Intelligent RF profile selection ( new and current RF profile ) optimizing for maximum bandwidth or long range
    - fixed: Headtracker input support. Two channels ( pan and tilt ) can be mapped individually from any HT Input channel to and overwrite a channel on the RC input frame
    - added: Crossfire is a RC frame source via BST. Navigate through TBS CORE PRO menu with remote sticks, without ColibriRACE ( TBS CORE PRO firmware V1.38 or newer )
    - added: Bluetooth mode selection added ( off, MAVLink emulator, Bridge and MAVLink ). If Bluetooth module is not disabled it will change mode depending on the receiving frames from the receiver
    - added: Crossfire 8ch Diversity receiver can now update TBS BLACKBOX and XF micro receiver over USB and BST
    - added: Menu option do disable telemetry downlink( under RX settings )

    - improved: CRC protection improved to make the system even more resistant against picking up invalid frames
    - improved: Dynamic power mode hysterisis tuned. 2s delay added for reducing power level. Increase power level only on burst frame loss not on single frame lost
    - improved: RX automatically binds to the transmitter after successful firmware update over the air if it wasn't bound before.

    For those wo want to use the TBS CROSSFIRE as telemetry radio here is a sample cable to interface a PIXHAWK FC.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	^950CA6F2E19196927D7B8CD5D6B0D6F6D6CD81CCFE0EC3D7CE^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg 
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    If you use TBS BLACKBOX and TBS Crossfire, please only connect the TBS CROSSFIRE to the FC. It will forward all required data to the TBS BLACKBOX. An instruction on how to set up your FC is written inside the TBS BLACKBOX manual on page 4 and following. It's the same setup no matter if you have it connected to the TBS CROSSFIRE or TBS BLACKBOX.

    I will send my next few days on writing down documentation to make it more easy how everything needs to be connected together.

    Please keep in mind this is a BETA version and be careful flying this version. To unlock your TBS Agent for beta releases please open your TBS Agent. press F1 and check the beta releases check box.
    I'm happy to get a lot of feedback on this, specially ground recording of long range flight with the TBS CORE PRO ( so we see the full set of TBS CROSSFIRE telemetry ) and new TBS BLACKBOX log files.
    Last edited by Perna; 1st March 2016 at 10:57 AM.

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    This is awesome thanks guys!!!

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    Thank you very much to Perna and the entire team of TBS Crossfire. I am also very excited, reading lots of new things. It did not take a minute to update my computer is more write this after having updated to 1.14. Here I hope to report my tests. A greeting.

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    If I connect the crossfire rx go pixhawk like in the diagram how do I set the channels on the xfire rx? And do I need to connect ch 1 of the the xfire to pixhawks rc input still? I would like to have control witj my sticks as well as mission planner

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