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Thread: Latest FPV Products to be in stock - Immersion - RiteWing - Dragon Labs

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    Latest FPV Products to be in stock - Immersion - RiteWing - Dragon Labs

    Very exiting news. I've been meaning to post these items on the website, but now they are there.
    Urban Drones is not reseller for ImmersionRC Products. You can find the Robust EzUHF along with the all mighty 5.8ghz 600mw transmitter and many other ImmersionRC FPV solutions. If you know FPV, you know that Immersion Products don't need an introduction.
    Browse the site for to find other immersionRC products

    Also, Dragon OSD from Dragon Labs is here.

    And the little Monster - the legend - Zephyr II - Why explain the obvious. You know the name and you provably also know that Chris put years into this beast to make it what it is today.

    There's a lot more coming this week, as soon as I get a chance to post it I will let you know

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    Hmmmm - I'm eyeing that EzUHF.
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    If you do, I'll take your DL receivers Jason.

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    The newest addition to the Urban Drones stock - Everybody's favorite Fat Shark Dominators and related products. These bad boys don't need introduction

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