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Thread: Relocating to Ireland - Things I need to know

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    Question Relocating to Ireland - Things I need to know

    Hey everyone!

    I'm relocating to Ireland in the next couple of days. I've been taking my gear on many flights across Europe but this time I won't be based in Germany anymore.

    What's the latest in Ireland regarding special regulations and registration of flying quadcopters as both a hobby and a business.

    Appreciate any local Irish insight and things I need to know.


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    Got what I was looking for from the Irish Aviation Authority's website IAA. They have a section on drones and how to register.

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    Yeah man, over 1kg you have to register them. Rules for flying or RF are pretty much the same as UK or Europe. Can't tell you about business flying, but for hobby- don't do stupid things and no one is gonna bother you. The main thing you need to know- best Guinness is only in Ireland!!!
    P.S. the weather atm is not flyable but when it gets better and if you around Dublin or Co.Meath are then we have to go for some flying
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    And if you don's like the weather: Wait 10mins. It will be different
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    You may be interested in the following links. MACI (the Irish aeromodellers representative body) have obtained a temporary exemption from registration until April, but only for its members. Registration is for EACH model and last for 2 years but it is non transferable and non refundable. Dont have too many planes and dont crash and replace too often otherwise it could get expensive! If you read page 5 para 7 of the Statutary Instrument No 563 of 2015 you will see that once you go over 4kg you have to take and pass an approved, by the IAA, training course which effectively means you are limited to models of no more than 4kg. Also, if the model is under 1kg you do not have to register it at all but you are limited to a max height of 50ft. The Irish regs make the USA regs look positively benign.





    Forgot to say that when they mention 'Drones' they mean ANY model aircraft!
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    All I can tell you is that the Irish are less anal (yes, I wrote anal) about flying FPV than the Germans are, so you should feel right at home with your two-bazillion Watts Vtx, your tricked out groundstation and your bad-ass 'duct-tape is for decoration too' drone.
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    Have a word with AdamG,he's just moved there from England

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    Just got back from vacation over there and shot a lot. I registered with the IAA online before and it was about $5. They claim they will mail me a sticker, so do it early to be sure. I had no issues at all and got some great shots. Rules were a lot like the US. 400ft, away from people not participating, LOS etc. Just to be polite I used a small parrot bebop that is fairly quiet and not obnoxious. It is also small in the luggage and can run autonomously from just a phone. That was my experience.

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