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Thread: Kudos and thanks

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    Kudos and thanks

    As we say in the south, RMRC is good people. I had a modest issue with a set of Fatshark googles. Steven very kindly gave me several options to deal with the problem and exceeded my expectations for timely service.

    My sincere thanks to them.

    Ben Minor

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    Good to know!

    We as consumers will usually share bad experiences we had with with businesses and often feel no need to talk when they are good, on the rationale that they did nothing more than their obligation as businessmen. This might expand to other areas too, not strictly commercial. I find it refreshing to see a spontaneous praise for someone/something/some action as a direct result of good experience and nothing more. Brings back a little faith on mankind.

    Disclaimer: not related in any way to RMRC, FatShark, Steven or Dr. Ben. Never did any business whatsoever with any of them and do know any of them.

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    Thanks so much for the positive feedback! As BrunoBL mentioned, people tend to only mention things on forums and other places when there is something wrong but rarely when they are happy. I'm glad you took the time to write something positive about us! We can't make 100% of people happy, but it is our goal to go out of our way to be as fair as possible and to make things right whenever there is a problem.

    Again, we really appreciate the kind words!


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    +1^ Great place to do business!!!!

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