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Thread: FPV wiring Diagrams

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    Does anyone by chance have a wiring diagram for the naze32, frisky d4r, and minimOSD?

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    FPV wiring Diagrams

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    I hope this is "on-topic" enough for the Diagrams thread. I need to order some extra connectors for the s.port on my FrSky X4R-SB and can't seem to find just the right info. I believe it's probably a 4 pin mini jst connector, but I can't seem to confirm it anywhere. I know they don't cost much, but it would be great to order the right thing instead of several similar products until I find the right one. Can anyone here verify the size or name of this connector?

    Thanks for your help
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    Where can I find your video of this set up? I followed your schematics and everything is great except my video only displays a message "No Mavlink". I'm guessing I flashed my MinimOSD with a wrong code..

    If you can post a link to your video or post here, it'll be greatly appreciated!

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    Anyone seen any great instructions on connecting camera to ReadyMadeRC 1.3 400 watt vtx to Vector to EZUHF? I'm lost in the wires...

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    I have a ZMR250 with a PDB, (I know, I shouldn't...)
    ANY power I used from the board was to dirty for my video, I had a lot of interference from the motors and also had small "blackouts" on the MWOSD (rebooting) when the motors started up. (OSD powered from the SPR f3)
    I have tried a load of different filters without any satisfying result.
    I understand the little OSD is quite power hungry so a small dip in voltage would cause it to reboot.

    What I came up with is to feed the video side of things from the balance plug on my 3S battery. I now have nice clean video so that works.
    Also the OSD I want to give it's own power supply (Pololu) to prevent the OSD cutting out.

    Could any of you very knowledgeable legends have a look at my video connections and double-check if I got it right? I don't want to let any magic smoke out.

    So my controller is fed from the PDB BEC, my LED's from a ESC, and the OSD from the Pololu (5A ..overkill but tiny anyway)

    Thanks in advance!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AV_wiring.jpg 
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    I understand the little OSD is quite power hungry so
    Also the OSD I want to give it's own power supply (Pololu) to prevent the OSD

    Your wiring looks good .

    I have the ZMR 250 with the pdb bottom plate . I was using the polou 5v regulator and for no reason that I can tell the 5v regulator failed and my quad dropped out of the sky. When I put it on the bench there wasn't any signs of arcing, it just stopped working. I won't be using pololu anytime soon. Also the pdb is a POS in my opinion, I've had to jumper power around all over that board because the traces are missing .

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    Any diagram for a delta wing/pixhawk?

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