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Thread: Help Needed: Can't find DVR like I want.

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    Question Help Needed: Can't find DVR like I want.

    I've been on a search for quite some time for a specific type of DVR that has certain specs/features but have yet to find exactly what I'm looking for.
    SO, I figured I'd challenge the PROS here to see if you all know if it even exists.

    I feel like this should exist by now:

    1.) 5.8ghz Diversity Receiver
    2.) 5", 7", or 10" screen. With high brightness of 700+
    (not the common 450-500)
    3.) DVR recording function to SD (or micro-SD)
    4.) it does NOT have to have a built-in battery
    (I prefer using larger external batt for longer runtime anyways)
    5.) auto-scan function w/ 32channel
    (but would prefer it to have all 40ch of course)

    if anyone here is able to find such a unit as mentioned above,
    PLEASE let me know where I can purchase it at.
    Thank you in advance for your time and effort!!

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    Hmmmm.... Well so far I'm considering this Hawkeye All-In-One. It appears to have exact specs I'm after.

    Has 7" LCD LED backlit w/ 700lux (higher than avg. brightness)
    dual receivers
    MicroSD DVR recording
    has inputs for external batt so I can use my extra big ones for long runtime.
    And even has auto-scan on 5.8ghz freq. (supports 32 channels)

    Here it is:
    On eBay:

    Has anyone on here had any experience with this particular unit? If so, any input you may have regarding its performance and quality, etc. sure would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!
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