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Thread: GoPro - Drift Stealth side by side flight

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    GoPro - Drift Stealth side by side flight

    Posted this in the Recording / Video Editing board on my new cam thread too, but in case you're not watching that thread, this is a side by side of my Stealth HD170 and my GoPro HD Hero, both at 60fps 720p. This camera is a lot closer to the GoPro than the Contour I have is, both in features and quality. Feature set is very close, but the Drift has in camera adjustments for contrast & exposure, like the Contour.

    Anyway, it's 20 minutes long, so grab a cold one while it buffers. I did very little editing so you could see the light transition of the setting sun and how each camera handled it.

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    I own both and I have to say that the one thing that really separates these two action cameras, is durability. The GoPro just can't withstand the beating that a drone racer can throw at it. The stealth 2 may have some scratches on the body, but it still trudges on with beautiful quality. Very impressed with this camera!

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