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Thread: Pissed off with Banggood (again)

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    Locked in then trunk of a car.
    I think Kreskin's weed will try to bite your pee pee. I have ordered a fair amount from BG with no problem they didn't fix.
    "You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve"
    Kid Rock

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    They did surprise me a while back when I ordered a red foxeer pred mini. They said it was backordered a few days later so I waited for another week then I emailed them and said I would take a blue one if they had that color and they responded and I got it in a record 2 weeks. The communication was pretty good.

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    Canada, sorry
    Well i got my 250$ back from the thieves so ill never shop there again. Keep it local, protect the local economy.

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