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Thread: ESC grounding wire help

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    ESC grounding wire help

    I purchased "EMAX Naze32 Flight controller", as well as "Lumenier Mini 20A ESC". I noticed Getfpv saysRemoval of the red wire in the signal cable is ok if you don't need 5v power out, but both the ground (black) and signal wire (white) need to be connected to the flight controller. Do not connect only the signal wire alone.

    My Flight controller does not have a 3pin for each ESC, just one wire for each from the harness. Can i group the ESC ground wires together and connect them to the PDB?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I do not know why they would say that if the FC only has hookups for the signal wire. My mini apm only has signal output along with my naze32. Even my electric planes only get the signal wire for the esc used as I don't use the BEC from the ESC. It should not be necessary to bundle the grounds together, but your way will be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerwiser View Post
    It should not be necessary to bundle the grounds together, but your way will be fine.
    While it might not be required it is in my opinion a good practice, the reason being, even they are common to the power return, the reason you want to keep the signal return off the power return is voltage drop in the power return lead, which is bypassed when the signal return is provided with it's own path back to battery negative and preferably as close as possible to the battery negative connection.

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