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Thread: EzUHF RSSI error after setting failsafe

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    EzUHF RSSI error after setting failsafe

    I seem to have stumbled across a weird problem that I can't seem to figure out...

    RSSI readout no longer working after failsafe set (hold the bind button on the EzUHF transmitter module).

    FrSky Taranis set to 12ch ppm stream (has 3s LiPo battery)
    EzUHF JR Transmitter Module
    EzUHF 4ch hardcase reciever
    Eagle Tree Vector flight controller

    1.52 EzUHF Firmware
    Extreme hopping
    RSSI on ch 11
    LQ on ch 12

    What seems to have happened is that when I set failsafe on the EzUHF is that it stored a 1500us pulse on CH11. So then running the Rx analysis wizard in the Vector it does not see RSSI changing from ~100% to ~0% when the controller is on/off, rather a constant of 50%. ANy ideas on how to set failsafe and not hard write over channel 11/12?
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    EzUHF RSSI error after setting failsafe

    I'm on 1.52 as well with the 4ch Lite Rx and I'm not having this issue with Vector. My failsafe, and the RSSI/LQ values are working fine. I have the LQ on channel 8 and RSSI on channel 12 though.

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    Ive had quiet a lot of issues with the same ezuhf/taranis plus combo, ive read a few threads saying anything delaying the start up of the taranis causes it to stop transmitting ppm. So a throttle warning, or switch warning is enough to cause problems and several people have recommended turning off the splash screen in the tx set up, hope this of some use to you. I am assuming you have all the basic issues such as using PPMuxing, all same firmware on both ezuhf tx and rx , same broadcast frequencies, having the aerials parallel when binding to stop any polarising issues, ect....

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