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Thread: Child gets face full of props. Loses Eye

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    Child gets face full of props. Loses Eye

    This was on private property. Don't know if he had permission to be over neighbors land or not, but he definitely shouldn't have been flying anywhere near the toddler. Makes me wonder how long til this happens in a park. Lots of videos on youtube of people rocketing around public parks with no idea who's out in harms way.

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    Wow, that is just horrible. Even some of the videos of flying around ones own property make me cringe. Just too many people around for me.

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    ah man poor kid
    flyin HIGH

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    It was flown by a family friend I read the other day.


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    Accidents happen every day, due to negligence, and many different factors. I am sure if this happened any other way it would not have made it into the news. But drones are nuisance and draw a lot of attention. We should treat armed quadcopters as a loaded guns.

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    This is very sad news, hence, why people should not be flying their drones on backyards. Now with mini-quads becoming increasingly popular, this is just going to cause more problems, if people don't start using common sense, and taking this hobby seriously.

    I own a quad and will soon be building a mini-quad for racing and fun, but under no circumstance, I will be flying it in my backyard or in parks.
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    Sorry for coming in so late on this, but Yes I agree, I don't fly my drone (DJI Phantom 3A) anywhere near my house or parks. I used to ( slaps hand ) but seriously, I now just go to an Open area and fly 200 + feet up, But i have to call the O'hare Airport tower to let me know where I am at since I'm that close to the Airport. Within the 5 mile radius, I will make sure I'm known.

    Strange thing about this, over here in the suburbs, cops will come by me and watch me fly when I had first gotten my DJI Phantom Standard, and never ask a question of " Do you have a license for that?" Or any other questions of importance of that matter. They just thought it as cool. Now....thinking of it, they should be more informed. I was wrong in flying in the park in an open spot. Yeah no kids, or anything around, but still what if... That is what Im getting at. Anyways, I'll stop on that.

    My heart does go out to that kid. Crazy things happen. Life is what it is, and we all have to think before we do. I've neglected that and I know I'm not perfect, but all I can do is think before I do and use common sense.



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    Flying drones in public places is just plain stupid. Poor kid. This is so bad.

    In almost every community there are flying fields in almost all major cities regulated by local flying clubs. We need to go back tot he good old days where you first learn to fly before you can fly. Perform safety checks. I agree with someone who said, drones are like loaded guns. I saw a kid video trying to test a F450 Quad inside his bedroom. Unbelievable.

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